Benefits of Cranberry 

Published July 24, 2023

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The cranberry fruit is a deep-red berry that is closely related to the blueberry. With a sharp, sour taste this fruit is commonly consumed juiced or dried as a drink or snack. There are many health benefits to consuming cranberries that may support overall wellbeing, making it a great ingredient to add to your diet.  

Benefits of Cranberry 

Cranberries have a wide range of benefits with the fruit commonly known for helping prevent urinary tract infections and being rich in antioxidants. One cup of cranberries contains 25% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C and 9% of Vitamin A daily requirements which can make absorbing other nutrients easy for the body. So, lets get into the main benefits of cranberries.  

Reducing Inflammation 

With a high number of antioxidants including anthocyanins and flavanols, cranberries can aid in reducing inflammation within the body1. Antioxidants protect the body against reactive oxygen particles and other free radicals which helps to reduce an inflammatory response in the body2. When cranberry nutrients are included in one’s diet, these anti-inflammatory benefits may be felt through reduced swelling, body temperature and general pain throughout everyday life.  

How Cranberry Helps with a UTI 

With Lower Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) estimated to occur in at least 60% of women at some stage during their life3, it’s important to understand how cranberries can aid in healing a UTI. UTIs are caused by bacteria and can reoccur from sexual intercourse, antimicrobial resistance, genetics and bacterial virulence4.  

Eating cranberry nutrients can prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder as the cranberries make urine more acidic. Scientists agree that consuming cranberry nutrients may make UTIs less likely, however it is unclear how many cranberries you have to consume and for how long5.  

What is a Cranberry Supplement Good For?  

Nature’s Own High Strength Cranberry 50,000 helps to maintain urinary tract and kidney health, helps reduce the occurrence of medically diagnosed cystitis and contains antioxidants to reduce free radicals provide health benefits when taken once per day. With no added gluten, lactose or artificial colours this cranberry supplement is available for all.  

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. 


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