Our Story

What started as a passion for natural health has grown into one of Australia’s leading vitamin brands.

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See how Nature's Own became the brand it is today.
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Nature's Own founder, Vaughan Bullivant is almost killed in a waterskiing accident. After four weeks, to the doctors' surprise, Vaughan is walking again. Vaughan believes his daily vitamins played a part in his recovery.


Bullivant is inspired to get into the health food industry after a positive change in diet cures his asthma. He opens his first health food store in Redcliffe, Brisbane, Queensland.


Bullivant buys a second shop in Kippa- Ring, Brisbane to prevent a competing company setting up shop across the street.


Third health food shop opened in Southport, Gold Coast.


Bullivant soon changes the label to a bold, bright yellow and green and renames the range – Nature’s Own is born.


Bullivant's expands into NSW and comes up against new laws in relation to health food products and promotion, and opposition from major drug companies.


Nature's Own launches into health food stores around Australia.


A fire destroys the Redcliffe warehouse.


Bullivant’s Natural Health Products expanded into Western Australia.


Bullivant's Natural Health Products expand into Tasmania.


Queensland Headquarters moved to the Virginia, Brisbane premises where Nature's Own Head Office and manufacturing centre is still based today.


Bullivant's celebrates 25 years in the Health Food Industry.


Bullivant Natural Health Products are the largest and most progressive health supplement company in Australia, exporting across the Pacific and into South East Asia and the Middle East.


Nature's Own becomes available in Grocery stores nationally.


Sigrid Thornton becomes the face of Nature's Own.


Nature's Own updates its packaging to a more modern design making it easier for consumers shop for the products they are looking for.

From source to shelf

At Nature’s Own, the majority of our products are made locally in Brisbane in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our network of researchers search the globe for high quality ingredients and our team of scientists and formulators, and our quality control processes then ensure the development of our products meet our strict quality standards.

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slide 1 1 Global network of researchers
slide 2 2 Source potent ingredients
slide 3 3 Leading edge laboratories and manufacturing facility in QLD
slide 4 4 50 scientists, formulators and quality control experts
slide 5 5 Quality checks as often as every 15 minutes
slide 6 6 Manage complete manufacturing process in Australia for 95% of products - from source to shelf
slide 7 7 Validate every ingredient for quality, potency & purity

Our in-house experts combine natural medicine & scientific research to develop innovative formulas

All product evidence is checked to ensure product integrity

We search for potent, premium quality ingredients

And scientifically verify every raw ingredient to ensure quality potency and purity

We quality test at multiple points during manufacturing as often as every 15 minutes

Our vigorous stability testing then ensures product consistency and potency throughout its shelf life.

If a product doesn’t pass our rigorous quality tests, it doesn’t go on shelf – that’s our quality guarantee

Quality Guaranteed.

We proudly guarantee the integrity and quality of every product. From source to shelf, we strictly control the development of over 70 premium health supplements in our world-class facilities.