Three quick tips to live greener

Published August 29, 2023

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Kobie Enright is more than just a phenomenal surfer; she’s a passionate advocate for environmental conservation. Born and raised along the pristine shores of Australia’s Gold Coast, Kobie’s deep connection to the ocean and its surroundings has fueled her determination to protect the environment that nurtures her greatest passion.

Kobie’s commitment to protecting the environment is evident in her daily practices and her influence within the surfing community. She’s a fervent advocate for plastic reduction and waste elimination, consistently taking small steps to minimize her ecological footprint.

Here’s how Kobie lives her life greener, and why protecting nature is important to her.

“I’m so lucky to have been able to visit so many beautiful parts of the world but without my career as a surfer and the natural wonder that is the ocean, I may have never been able to see these places. That’s why nurturing nature is so important to me. I want others to be able to experience bits of the same beauty around us.”

– Kobie Enright on why nurturing nature is important to her.

For Kobie, doing her part for nature means making changes to the way she does her weekly activities.

“I’ve have made changes to the way in which I do weekly activities. This includes my weekly grocery shopping, and actively thinking – and most importantly – trying to be more eco-friendly,” said Kobie.

By having this at the forefront of my mind, I no longer single use bags (such as grocery bags and garbage bags) and now use either reusable or bio degradable bags., I’ve also taken a huge leap in trying to shop local or ethically sourced as much as possible, plus I buy in bulk when I can!

Check out Kobie’s quick tips for how she lives her daily life greener.

  1. Shop locally or ethically! Support your local farmers markets, local butcher, or local producers. Look at where products are made then see if you can replace them with items that are made or grown in Australia. I’ve found success in swapping at least one item in my grocery shop for a local product has helped me be more mindful.
  2. Buy bulk. Everything is packaged in one way or another so finding ways to reduce the amount of packaging purchased is a huge step. Opting for refillable soaps, shampoos and conditioners is an easy place to start.
  3. Making the switch to reusable items such as cutlery or straws. Keep a set of reusable cutlery in your car or bag – this could just be a set of spoons or forks from your existing cutlery draw! Purchasing take out is easy but breaking down plastics is not!

We believe that nature looks after us, so we must look after nature.

That’s why we’re asking Australians to make their very own nature pledge to nurture nature. We’re aiming to show Australian’s how easy it is to nurture the nature around them by being more sustainable in their daily lives. Read all about the Small Habits, Big Changes campaign here.

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