7 ways to boost low libido

Published November 6, 2022

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How common is low libido?

Low libido is a common complaint affecting men and women and can occur at any stage of life. It’s estimated that 48% of Australian women aged 40–59 and 20 per cent of Australian men aged 45–55 lack interest in having sex at some time in their life.

What causes a decrease in libido?

A lowered libido can be linked to a variety of lifestyle and health issues. Mild anxiety, carrying excessive weight and hormonal changes may be a contributing factor. Lifestyle issues such as relationship difficulties, smoking, harmful alcohol consumption and drug use can also play a role. Speaking to your healthcare practitioner will help identify any underlying medical conditions impacting your sex drive. You can also incorporate healthy lifestyle choices and supplementation with herbs or nutrients to help increase your libido.

7 libido-boosting tips:

  1. Exercise regularly — Exercise increases energy levels, reduces stress and improves circulation, which all support a healthy libido. Speak to your healthcare practitioner first if you’re starting a new exercise program.
  1. Lose weight — Maintaining a healthy weight helps keep your sex hormones in balance. Helping you feel attractive and energetic. Speak with your Healthcare Professional about a healthy approach to weight loss.
  1. Manage your stress Chronic stress can result in a decline in libido. Find a way to manage stress that fits into your lifestyle. Try yoga, meditation, tai chi or bushwalking.
  1. Quit Smoking — Quitting smoking increases blood flow to the sexual organs by improving circulation. Quit smoking and improve your overall health and vitality as well as your libido. Want help to quit? Speak to your healthcare professional for advice on how to quit smoking.
  1. Reduce alcohol consumption  Reducing alcohol consumption can improve sexual arousal in women and improve erectile function in men. Speak to your healthcare professional if you think alcohol is impacting your libido. They can advise you on ways to reduce alcohol consumption if needed.
  1. Increase Zinc in your diet — Zinc supports reproductive system health in males. Foods rich in zinc include red meat, chicken, legumes, nuts and seafood. Supplementation may be required if dietary intake is inadequate.
  1. Korean ginseng — Korean ginseng relieves weariness, feelings of weakness and supports healthy stress response in the body.

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